Multiply’s Groundbreaking White Paper: Charting the Future of AI in Personal Finance

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We're thrilled to announce the release of our comprehensive white paper, "ChatGPT & Generative AI: Revolutionising Customer Experiences in Personal Finance." This isn't just another industry document; it's a deep dive into the transformative role that generative AI and ChatGPT are playing in reshaping the financial sector.

What's in it for me?

Whether you're a financial adviser, a tech enthusiast, or someone simply interested in personal finance, this paper serves as your definitive guide. Curated to offer a balanced view, the white paper delves into the pros and cons of incorporating AI into financial services. It aims to provide you with insights that are not just theoretical but actionable.

A sneak peek into the white paper

Here are some key highlights that you can expect from this comprehensive study:

  • Public Perceptions of AI: Understand the societal mindset towards artificial intelligence and why it matters.

  • AI from an Academic Lens: Delve into what experts have to say about AI's growing influence and its broader implications.

  • AI's Early Forays into Finance: Discover how AI is already being used in finance, for tasks like fraud detection and algorithmic trading.

  • AI's Hurdles in Human-Centric Tasks: Discover the limitations of AI in performing tasks that are inherently human.

  • Practical Solutions & Business Applications: Gain insights on how to overcome challenges associated with AI, as well as how to make it work for your business operations.

Expert opinions you can trust

Our white paper is enriched by invaluable contributions from renowned industry experts, including Alice Bentinck MBE, Barney Hussey-Yeo, Daniel Nathrath, Adam French, and Sam Turner. Their diverse perspectives bring a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.

"As with any tech revolution, the journey should be accompanied by careful consideration and ethical practices," says Mike Curtis, CTO at Multiply. "Our white paper aims to equip you with those very insights, so you're not just keeping up with the changes but staying ahead."

Engage with us

We encourage you to download the white paper and join the ongoing discourse on how AI is revolutionising personal finance. Your opinion matters, and we would love to hear your thoughts.

Download the White Paper Here

For any queries, please reach out to Lee Brooks, our Revenue & Product Marketing Manager at

We hope this paper ignites as much excitement in you as it has in us. Welcome to the future of finance.

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